The Risk Taker

I was in grade 4 and my teacher, Mrs. Crump was very strict, you didn’t mess with her or you would be taken to the cloak room and given a severe strapping. We were all very afraid of Mrs. Crump and never challenged her in any way. I found sitting in class behaving myself very … [Read more…]

What a Shame, Who’s to Blame?

One of the most difficult struggles a child abuse victim has is, how to deal with the shame and the blame of their abusive past. I struggled with this problem for years because I believed what was being said about me all through my child hood. I was ugly, I was a piece of garbage, … [Read more…]

What Are You Crying About?

As I look in the rearview mirror of my life so many memories come back to me, and this is one I will never forget, I was about 7 years of age at the time! I was out playing in the yard with friends one day and as we played, all of a sudden we … [Read more…]

Hide And Seek

One of the most difficult things for me to handle through my child hood was to stay out of my stepfather’s way. When I was upstairs in that dark bedroom I had no options, I was trapped. When I was outside it was different, all I had to do was find hiding spots that I … [Read more…]

From One Nightmare to Another!

I think I was approximately 5 years old and summer was just around the corner, mom sat me down and told me that she was sorry for the way my step father was treating me and said, she had some good news for me. Her sister, an aunt, has offered to take me on her … [Read more…]

Loneliness and Terror

I find people everywhere who are in some kind of pain or bitterness over the things that have happened in their lives as children or as parents and they are often carrying the pain and bitterness and it effects every relationship in their lives. I am going to share some of the horrendous things I … [Read more…]

The Name of Jesus

I never celebrated Christmas or birthdays or any special family events, I was left out of all the family fun and celebrations. As bad as that was, I would always feel safer because his brother Uncle Billy as we called him, came over for special events and every Sunday for lunch. Being alone and feeling … [Read more…]


As a child I spent a lot of time alone, not because I chose to but because I had no other option. I felt so lonely and so isolated even when I was at home I wasn’t allowed to come downstairs and play with the other members of the family. When at home, I spent … [Read more…]

The Party Pooper

I will never forget this experience, playing in the yard with some friends from the neighborhood, it was such fun as we wrestled and laughed and I was enjoying the fun so much, when all of a sudden the kitchen door opened and there was the old man,(my stepfather) with a look of rage on … [Read more…]

The Kickoff!

My mother was not supposed to keep me as a new born baby, her first husband had died and she was raising her three children alone and going through a very difficult time financially. Cyrus, one of her brother – in – laws whose wife had died, offered to marry her and raise his brother’s … [Read more…]