What Are You Crying About?

As I look in the rearview mirror of my life so many memories come back to me, and this is one I will never forget, I was about 7 years of age at the time!

I was out playing in the yard with friends one day and as we played, all of a sudden we heard the mother of one of my friends Doug, calling him from down the street, “Dougie, Dougie, come home quick.” We all looked down the street and saw his mom standing there waving at Dougie to come home, and beside her stood a very tall man in an Air Force Uniform.

Dougie started to walk slowly off the property and we all ask him, “ Who is that Doug, who is that?” He looked, then cried out, “ Dad! Dad!” and ran down the street and leaped into his dad’s arms and was carried into his house by his dad, who was home on leave.

Child-of-Woe-By-the-RiverAll of a sudden I noticed that my face was wet and that tears were running down my cheeks, I quickly disappeared from among my friends and went down the river bank and sat out on a large fallen limb, over the water. I sat alone for an hour or so and just cried and couldn’t figure out, what I was crying about and then it hit me, I will never be able to do that because, I don’t have a dad! All I have, is a predator who hates me, I don’t have a dad!

Every child needs a mom and a dad, if you have grown up with loving parent’s, you have so much to be thankful for. Every once in a while call them up and say thanks, thanks, for being all you were to me, when I was growing up! I have two beautiful daughters, gifts from God and how I love and appreciate Lisa and Laury. They have gifted Bev and I with 5 grand daughters, Taury, Tiana, Leah, Riley and Averie, and what precious gifts they are to our lives. Though I had no dad growing up, I have one now, I have been adopted into God’s family, through my relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ who died for my sins and changed my life when I made my personal commitment to Him. What a difference He has made in my life!

I’d love to hear from you. E-mail me at btmaury@sentex.net I would be glad to hear from you. MORE TO COME!