We Can Laugh Now, But Couldn’t Then!

I get together with two of my brothers for coffee every once in a while and how we laugh at some of the crazy things we did as kids and laugh at some of the crazy things that happened to us.

We were raised in poverty and there was always a need in our home for something, we remember many of these events and laugh about them and love some of our childhood memories.

We talked not long ago about the time I was in grade two and had no shoes to wear to school, mom had no money and I had to go to school. One of my brothers said just go to school and pretend that you forgot to put on your shoes. It was summer time then, so I walked in to school I had no socks and no shoes on, and I just acted like nothing was wrong till the teacher noticed I had nothing on my feet. She said “Maury, where are your shoes and socks?” Oh, I said, I must have forgotten to put them on. My brother was standing by and said that it wasn’t the first time I had done that.

I did it three days in a row and finally the teacher called my mother and told her I was not allowed to come to school bare foot any more. Yes, I was embarrassed but it is sure good we can laugh about it now. Mom finally got me some used shoes and I survived!

When you think of all the bad things that has happened to all of us in our lifetime it’s a good thing we can laugh now, because we sure couldn’t then.

Thank God we don’t have to live in the past, when we give our lives to Christ we are changed from the inside out and our past does not have to determine our future!