The Risk Taker

I was in grade 4 and my teacher, Mrs. Crump was very strict, you didn’t mess with her or you would be taken to the cloak room and given a severe strapping. We were all very afraid of Mrs. Crump and never challenged her in any way.

I found sitting in class behaving myself very boring and one day I said to 3 of my closest friends, “Hey guys maybe she isn’t as tough as everybody thinks she is, lets put her to the test.” They all said “And how do we test her?” I said lets watch and see if we can see any weak spots in her routine and maybe we can do something.

Child-of-Woe-Old-School-ClassroomAfter watching her for a couple of days, we noticed that she never came out for recess all the other teachers were out but, not Mrs. Crump. I came up with a plan, we will sneak into the school at recess and see what she is doing, sleeping maybe? Just reading maybe? We picked a day and snuck in and peeked into the class room and there she was sitting at her desk working away, totally absorbed in her work. We decided to lay down on the floor and sneak into the class and scare her, so in we went and up we jumped yelling at the top of our lungs. She almost had a heart attack and screamed at us to get out of the class and to never do it again, or else! I can hardly believe it but, we did it over a period of time on 3 more days.

On the last day she jumped up in a rage and slapped her hand on the desk and leaped right over it.  We were in shock.  She grabbed the first student and began shaking him and threw him against the wall. This happened two the next 2 and I was up next, she couldn’t catch me, my stepfather had taught me well, she was getting frustrated as I dodged and jumped around and she was getting madder and madder and she finally caught me, picked me up and shook me and then held me eye ball to eye ball.

She snarled into my face, “Who do you think you are? I told you to stop and when I say stop, I mean stop!”

I don’t know what came over me but, I looked her straight in the eyes and I shouted, “Keep you filthy hands off me!” Her mouth dropped open and her eyes were bugged out in shock and she dropped me, my feet hit the floor and I was running for the door. My buddies were yelling, go Maury, go! I half ran half slid down the first flight of stairs and got down the second and I heard her screaming from up top, “come back here you, come back!” I panicked and jumped about 6 steps and landed on the hall floor right in front of the principals office as the principal was coming out. “Hold it Maury Blair, we don’t run down the stairs in this school, we walk, we walk!” I grabbed my stomach and said, “ I think I’m going to be sick,” and I ran out of the school.

When I got home, I had to confess to my mom what I had done. She sent me right back to school to face the music!

I went into my class and Mrs. Crump said nothing and at the end of the day said, “you, are all dismissed except for Maury Blair.” When they had all gone she came over and stood in front of me and said, “You know what I could do to you for what you did today don’t you? Well I’m not going to do it. If you say you are sorry and promise never to do it again, I will forgive you and you can go home.”

I did as she requested and then she said this, “Maury, I know what you are going through at home and I don’t want to make life any more miserable than it is for you. She hung her head and walked quietly out of the class room. She became my hero, my favorite teacher, I wish I could have found her when I was an adult, I would have hugged her and thanked her for taking the risk of losing her reputation because she was kind to me! What a Lady!

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