The Party Pooper

I will never forget this experience, playing in the yard with some friends from the neighborhood, it was such fun as we wrestled and laughed and I was enjoying the fun so much, when all of a sudden the kitchen door opened and there was the old man,(my stepfather) with a look of rage on his face and he pointed at me in front of all of my friends and roared, “ get in here you black bastard.” My friends were in shock, “What did you do Maury?”, “Why is he mad at you?” I couldn’t say a word as they watched me walk toward him, and I knew he was going to beat me.

Child-Of-Woe-clenched-fistI remember being angry at myself for not watching for him coming up the street, how could I have missed him coming home? I found out later he came in the basement door so I wouldn’t know he was home and he could watch me out the window.

My mom told me years later that he could not stand seeing me having fun, he hated me so much. When I entered the house he slammed the door and grabbed me and threw me against the wall and began to kick and curse me. I never made that mistake again, I kept myself in hiding when he was about to come home.

These experiences were the kind that made me feel so useless and to have no sense of value and I often stood on the bridge looking down at the  rushing water and thinking, if I could just jump, it would be over, if I could just do it. The problem – I didn’t really want to die, I just couldn’t face the daily hatred and fear of my stepfather. I thank God I didn’t jump in, I would have missed the encounter with Jesus Christ that transformed my life! The Psalmist describes God’s healing in Psalm147:3 “You heal the broken hearted, binding up their wounds.”

If you need healing in your life from abuse, addiction, or pain, put your trust in Jesus Christ, ask for his forgiveness for every sin you have ever committed and invite him to be the Lord of your life, and walk in a daily relationship with him and you are in for a marvelous spiritual adventure!

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