The Name of Jesus

I never celebrated Christmas or birthdays or any special family events, I was left out of all the family fun and celebrations. As bad as that was, I would always feel safer because his brother Uncle Billy as we called him, came over for special events and every Sunday for lunch. Being alone and feeling safer was better than being terrorized when we had no company at our house.

Mom used to send us to Sunday school every Sunday morning, so the old man could sleep in after being out late drinking at the bar. We heard a lot about God and His love for people but, I didn’t think I would be included in that crowd. They were kind to us at the Church and put up with our crazy shenanigans.

I didn’t get my first experience with God and His love at Sunday school or at Church, it came from of all places, behind the closed doors of our home. And it wasn’t because we were praying or singing Christian songs, it was just a normal day at our house. I was upstairs as usual, in the dark, staring out the window when all of a sudden I heard the door slam down stairs and the old man raving and cursing. One of my brothers had come up to be with me and we were looking out the window when I heard the commotion down stairs. Mark, my brother didn’t hear the noise but I did and all I could say was, “He’s home and he is coming to get me.”

Child-Of-Woe-out-the-windowHe came up the stairs and into the room and told me, he was going to kill me this time, and he grabbed me and shook me and bashed me. He then dragged me over to the window and said, “You are going out this window and I will never have to look at you again.” He then opened the window and held me out, as I looked hopelessly down at the river far below me. My brother was screaming at him to stop, afraid that he was going to kill me and that was exactly his intent.

I was hanging out, held by the throat starring into his snarling face, when all of a sudden I heard my mothers voice screaming at him, “Cyrus, in the name of Jesus, bring that boy in and put him down.” I was looking into his face and saw something I had never seen before, he had a look of terror on his face, and he brought me in and threw me down and walked quietly out of the room.

I lay on the floor in shock, I didn’t think he was afraid of anyone and here, the name of Jesus stopped him dead in his tracks.  That was my first experience of knowing that God must care about me and Jesus was more powerful than my stepfather!

And how thankful I am today that I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I am walking in daily fellowship with Him. MORE TO COME!