School Visits

Visit to Port Perry High School:


Maury speaking at a high school (not Port Perry)

It was my privilege to visit the Port Perry High School on October 6th and to share my story of survival with 3 classes.

The first class was with the Grade 12 class on, “Families living and working in a diverse society.”

The second was with the Grade 11: “Child Care” class and the third was with the Grade 11 “Parenting class”

What an excellent group of students they all were and I enjoyed sharing with them and answering all their questions on my survival from child abuse and to hear their response to the dangers children are facing in being over exposed to violence on videos and war games.

Their teacher, Nancy Smith has become a real friend of mine and she is more than an educator she really invests in the lives of her students.

Pictures from past visits to different schools in Ontario