On The Corner!

As I grew in the Lord and His Word Pastor Jack spent more time with me and I became a lover of the adventures of the Apostle Paul.

Jack new my story and he planned to get me out into the community sharing my life and God’s miracle in my life.

He approached me after a Sunday morning service and asked if I would help him handing out tracks and talking to people on a Saturday on the main street of Paris. I told him I would check and see if I was free on that Saturday. I did every thing I could to get out of it but couldn’t find a good excuse not to do it.

There I was on a Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m. with a Church sign and a table full of literature, and me scared to death that some of my friends might come out of the pool room down the street, and see me. I prayed and asked God to put an angel at the pool room door so no one would see me. He did just the opposite! 3 of my friends walked out of the pool room and started up the street towards our table and I quickly stuck the tracks I was holding under my arm and moved away from the table and leaned on a parking meter and gazed across the street.

They spotted me and yelled, “Hey Maury, where have you been, we haven’t seen you for a dogs age, “I’ve been around,” I said. One of them saw the track sticking out from under my arm pit and grabbed it and started to read it. I remember thinking that my life was over, and one of them said to me,” do you believe this stuff?” and then they all looked at the church sign and said, “are you with this?” I said sorta kinda and they threw the track on the ground and hacked gobs of spit right into my face and walked up the street laughing.

I stood there in shock and in a rage and I asked God to let me bash their faces in but, no that’s not how it works.  I wiped the spit off my face and stood by the table and didn’t care what people thought of me anymore. That was a changing experience in my life that led me to years of service in Teen Challenge and Breakthrough Ministries. Pastor Jack new I had a story to tell and opened the door for me to start telling it.

What’s your story? Please start telling it!