Off To Church We Go!

My wild brothers gave their lives to Christ over a long time it seemed and then, I decided we should start going to church.  My brothers didn’t like the idea because they couldn’t see us fitting in to any church. I asked them what church they would like to try, they named every church except the one down the street that we used to go to as kids. I suggested we try it because even though we were a bad bunch they always showed us love. So, up we get on Sunday morning and down the street we go and up the stairs into the church.

We hadn’t been saved long enough to know that Christians don’t sit in the front rows, they always fill up the back seats first and so we went right to the second row from the front. The Pastor of the church was Jack Ozard and he preached a powerful message and came to us after the service and shook our hands and welcomed us into the church.

We were all in shock because he was so friendly and kind. That started our adventure at Evangelistic Centre in Paris, Ontario and the next Sunday morning I looked over and recognized the organ player as a school teacher from one of my classes. I noticed she was crying all through the worship time and so, I walked over to her and said,” I know you won’t remember me,” she interrupted me and said,”Remember you Maury Blair? I have been praying for you since you were a little child abuse victim and now my prayer has been answered, and that’s why, I was crying all through the service.” I was shocked that she new about me and we hugged each other.

What a blessing Pastor Jack and all the men in the church were to me and my brothers. We felt like we belonged and I got involved by becoming the volunteer janitor and I enjoyed every Saturday morning cleaning and vacuuming the whole church. I thank God for men like John Richardson, Frank Phillips, Jim Stewart, Eric Davies
Jim Newstead and many more who contributed to our lives.

It is so important to find a place of worship where you fit in and can offer your service to the Lord and His Church!