My First Miracle After My Conversion!

While living in that shack that was condemned by the health department, (we were told), God became so real to me in His Word. The hunger for His presence grew stronger and stronger, I had one of my grandmas Bibles and it was so encouraging to read it daily and pray. I will never forget how real God was during that whole year following my conversion.

We never went to church, I lived on the Bible and Billy Graham’s Hour of Decision every Sunday evening, and how God ministered to me through the Hour of Decision! It was winter time and very cold and we ran out of wood for our little fire place that heated this small shack and we were desperate. We had no one we could call on for help and all our money was spent and my paycheck was not coming in for another week.

We had a little wood left and so we put it on the fire that night and brought all our bed cots into that room and crawled into bed. I lay there wide awake and asked God for help, I didn’t know what else to do. I remember this thought coming strongly into my mind, let’s pray, and I said to my mother,” mom why don’t we pray?” She responded yes and we all joined hands and asked God to meet our need for wood and we reminded Him that we had no money to pay for it!

This was on a Friday night and at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning there was a knock at our door and I jumped up and ran to the door to see who would be here at this early hour.

It was the man that we bought all of our wood from and I turned to mom, who was still in bed and said “Mom, it’s the wood man, do we owe him money?” “No,” she said and so I opened the door and the wood man said he would like to speak to my mother. Mom came to the door and here was his request, “ would you mind if I left some of my green wood for you to try, it’s a new type of wood I am selling and I need someone to try it and see how it burns.” He said try it and if you like it you can pay for it, if not, no charge.

She readily accepted his offer and he dropped the whole load of wood in the back yard, we were amazed at how quickly God answered our prayer and met our need! I went out that morning and chopped wood, praising God for every piece that the axe hit, what a wonderful experience that was for me!

Jesus said, “Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find and knock and the door will be opened.” And sure enough God answered our desperate prayer then and has proved Himself faithful to us over the years. Take your needs to the Lord!