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Child of Woe Book- “Child of Woe”

is a story that must be told. The devastating trauma of child abuse is brought to light in this amazing true life story of Maury Blair. Born into a world of hate and rejection, it seemed there was no hope for this lonely, frightened boy.

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Extract from Maury’s book.

Chapter1.  The Animal’s Prey

The child lay in a heap, gasping and crying quietly, his body pounding with pain, his mind spinning furiously with questions, why does he hate me?


Chapter 2.  Side Tracked

It was senseless to cry by herself but, the grief of her life had caught up with her again and she had nowhere else to put it except into her tears.

Chapter 3.  Strike the Deepest Blow

He was a sickly baby, never comfortable in those early hours and days of life with the environment into which he had been thrust—a foreshadowing, perhaps, of future agonies.

Chapter 4. “I’d  Kill You if I Could”

“I’ll find you, you black bastard, he said over and over between his gritted teeth. And when I do, I’ll kill you.”

Chapter 5.  Fragments

But all the pressures finally took there toll and I began to be dogged by horrible night mares.


Chapter 6.  Strange Kinships

The brutal Lud seized me by the neck and lifted me clean off the ground. As I dangled like a rag doll he stomped out of the house with me, toward the great circular rain barrel out back.


Chapter 7.  Fail and Farewell

The Old Man could be avoided now. He was slow to move, his anger reflex now spongy, where once it had been rigid. Now, if I simply stayed out of his way, I could move a little more freely in the house.

Chapter 8.  Wretched End

It was perhaps the final abuse. Cyrus could no longer hit me, and with my place as the oldest child he could no longer ignore me. So, he would strip me of the one possession I had managed to hang on to myself: my identity.


Chapter 9.  Chain Reaction

The wet rat, trapped for years in a place where he wasn’t wanted, the animal forced to make his own way on the streets, eating outside or upstairs or, not at all – God loved that animal, God loved that woeful child.

Chapter 10.  “ You Don’t Exist”.

“For all intents and purposes,” he went on, “You don’t exist. How do I know this woman is your mother? How can she prove you’re her son?”


Chapter 11.  Fathers

I ached to tell him who I was, to resolve the question that would linger forever if I didn’t: Were we truly father and son? I knew by all logic there could be no other explanation for the multitude of coincidence that converged our lives at this point.  


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