Grandma’s Prayers

There were times in our home when my stepfather’s anger would get out of control, that’s when one of my older brothers would take me by the hand, and we would run out the side door and head for grandmas apartment down town.

She only lived in a one room apartment, everything was in the one room, bed included. I would be left there till the old man settled down or fell asleep and my brother would come and get me.

Child-of-woe-lying-on-floorI sat under my grandma’s kitchen table with my head down, trying to calm down and not think of what I would have to face when I returned home. My grandma would get her Bible out and sit and read in her rocking chair.

After reading for a while she would start to weep and cry out to God, “Please Lord, have mercy on Alice, don’t let him hurt her anymore, and Lord, have mercy on Maury, please protect him from his anger.”

I was not used to hearing anyone pray for me and it disturbed me as I sat with my head down under the table. I will never forget how this strict old grandma prayed for me each time I was at her apartment in a crisis.

It reminds me today, of how our children and grand children need our love and prayers. Don’t ever give up on your children and grandchildren, stand by them in prayer, cry out to God for them, just as my grandma did for me. God heard her prayers and answered them by reaching me in my late teen age years.

I will sure want to look up my grandma when I get to heaven and hug her and thank her for caring for me when it seemed no one else wanted me.

I am sure her prayers saved my life on more than one occasion! Please keep your family in your daily prayers!