Godly Influences in my Life!

When I look back over the years of my Christian experience, I have so much to be thankful for. There were so many godly, caring people that blessed my life.

Allowing me to clean the church was a big blessing to me because I didn’t think anyone would want me for anything. I was soon invited to join the church choir and I couldn’t even carry a tune but, they wanted me to feel that I was part of the church ministry and what a difference that made in my life.

I eventually became a board member and started taking Bible School Correspondence courses, and so enjoyed the fellowship of all the men in the church.

What our youth need today is Godly influence and love from the older generation in the church! Yes, it’s a different day and young people are alive and sometimes loud but, don’t give up on them, go to prayer for the youth in your church and ask God to sanctify them and use them to attract other young people to Jesus.

May God help us seniors and leaders to set the pace for the next generation and to leave them a legacy that will shake the whole world and draw people to Jesus!