Found by God in a Shack!

My stepfather died when I was about 18 years of age and we were desperate for money and mom and I decided to move into a little shack down by the river and see if we could survive.

I was working and we were barely surviving and mom had run into a lady she had not seen for years and the lady gave her a copy of Dr. Norman Vincent Peales book entitled, “Stay Alive All Of Your Life,” Mom handed it to me one day and suggested that I read it. I looked at the title and liked the idea, and so I took it into the little back room where I slept and began to read it.

I was deeply touched from the moment I started to read and as I read on for hours, I felt a new awakening within my heart and life. Jesus Christ became real to me and how deeply I was touched as I understood how much he loved us and paid for our sins through his death on the cross.

Then the love of Father God deeply touched me as I read on and I experienced the new birth in my life all alone in that shack. God made himself real to this hopeless victim of child abuse.

I walked out of that room a new person, my mom looked at me and said,“ what’s happened to you? You seem to have a glow on your face.” I told her I just met God in that back room. My life was different from that day to this, I experienced God personally and He adopted me into his family. I didn’t grow up with a dad but, I have one now and He chose and adopted me into his family! I thank God that He found me, called me and placed me into the ministry so I can give my confirming evidence about his love and grace. My past has not determined my future and your does not have to either, put your trust in Jesus, He cares for you!