From YouTube Interviews

“I cry, even now I weep. This was the first time I heard your testimony,
such a tale of dread and despair. Yet I hear you tell it with such grace. I believe in Jesus, He is my personal Savior but, boy, truly His saving grace is real. May God continue to give you strength for His service, God bless you brother.”

“Hi, there, love the trailer promoting the book. A few who have seen it thought it was a movie.”

Reviews for Child of Woe

“This book has helped thousands of young people, it’s a must read.” – Minister Maury has worked with in missions and youth camps

“I would love to see your story get to South Africa. I do business with some of the poorest people there. The number orphans and aids victim’s is mindboggling.”- Travelling mission’s Minister

“Maury, your story still makes me weep- even more now that I have a precious little boy. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for reminding me what God can do in every situation. Blessings, on you and your beautiful family.”

“Oh Maury, the places you get to go now! What people you have an opportunity to talk to. Amazing isn’t it?” – Maury’s Friend

“What a story Maury, you are such a blessing.”- Maury’s Friend

Child of Woe Facebook Page

“ I encourage everyone to go to this page and “like it.” The daily posts are both uplifting and inspirational. Some have brought me to tears and others to my knees. We are living in a hurting world. The church needs to know that there is a mission field right under our noses.”

From Maury’s message, “How many are we missing?”

“Wow, yes, let’s be aware and sensitive to those around us.”

From Maury’s message “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

“Amen, Maury, thanks for the reminder of His unfailing love.”

From Maury’s message on “the woman at the well”

“Believe it or not, I have been at the well for almost a year. I was about to leave when I read this message. I can’t see to type I’m crying so hard. Thank you for the reassurance that there are people out there willing to be the extension of God’s love and compassion.”


From Maury’s message on “we all have a story to tell”

“I share when I have the opportunity! You are an inspiration!”

From Maury’s message “God restores”

“Full measure, pressed down and brimming over. Can’t think of another person, who deserves to have good things in his life more than you.


From Maury’s message “God can take nobody’s”

“It is awesome what He has done in your life Maury and how He is using you to bless others. We must always remember, if it wasn’t for Him, there go I. May God continue to bless your ministry.”


From Maury’s message: Jer.29: “It’s all or nothing.” 

“This is an amazing true story of Maury Blair. I met this man when I was a teenager. His story really touched my life. There are so many children that are not safe in their own homes. This man later grew up to be an amazing man, husband and father. There is healing for those that have grown up like this.”

Comments from Pastors, Principals and Students after Maury has worked in their Schools and Communities!

High School Students:

“Your presentation was inspiring and touching, I enjoyed it so much.”

“It really helped me when you came to talk to us yesterday and you really have a big impact on people’s lives. I have so much respect for you to go around and share your child hood with other people. If you have another book could you sign it from Maury Blair and send it, it would mean so much, thank you.”

“You really are making a difference.”

“Hi Maury, I was absent for your presentation but, my friend told me about you, Rock on Maury.”

“Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to you tell us your story, I think that your story was very encouraging. It was amazing to hear about all the pain that you went through and you are still able to tell your story. It is people like you that will stop the child abuse chain that occurs in many families today. When I heard your story it made me realize how much I have taken for granted in my own life and child hood.”

“Thank you very much for your presentation, it was awesome.”

“I listened to you when you came in to our school last year and read your book. Your story is truly inspiring. I think it is truly amazing how you share your story around the world. It must be so rewarding for you. Your story leaves everyone who has heard it, amazed. You said it yourself you are a survivor.” I wish you all the best in your traveling.”

“Wow! I loved your story, thank you so much for sharing such an insightful period of your life.”

From a Teacher:

Dear Maury,
“We wish to thank you for your talk on family violence; you are an inspiration to us all.”


Principal in Alberta
“Maury, whatever the cost, whatever the personal sacrifice, please don’t ever stop what you are doing. Our students need to hear your message of hope.”

Head of Student Services

“Your story of enduring child abuse was powerful in itself, but even more powerful was your message to help victims survive by being aware of their suffering, and by reaching out to help them. If your schedule permits it, we would be very pleased to have you visit our school again.”


Principal in Northern Ontario

“ I wish to pass on our sincere thanks on behalf of the students and staff who heard your excellent presentation. Your message that they must deal with abuse now was so important. Your story of child abuse was very powerful, and you represent hope in the face of adversity. Hopefully it will encourage students to talk if they have been abused. Thank you once again for your support and interest in our students, we were left with the opportunity to learn and grow from your experience.”

Principal in Western Ontario

“Mr. Blair’s presentation of his personal experience as a child in an abusive home situation immediately captured the attention of our students. He skillfully and sensitively presented his message that the victim of abuse must seek help.While depicting the sadness of his own situation, he left the students with hope, and with the knowledge that one caring and understanding person can help a victim to become a survivor.Mr. Blair’s enthusiasm and sense of humor kept 400 students in each session interested and listening intently for the entire assembly. At the end of each presentation questions from the students were answered very effectively.Today’s experience was beneficial for students and staff alike. I highly recommend Mr. Blair as a speaker for secondary school students.”

Principal in Saskatchewan

“ Maury Blair was in our school and he spoke to large groups of students in grades 9 and 10 and in grades 11 and 12. Mr. Blair’s demeanor when speaking to the students was excellent. He was able to retell his life story in a way that kept all the students interested. He was careful to describe himself as a child abuse survivor and not a child abuse victim. The language he used was appropriate to the groups of students he talked to.What impressed me the most was the attitude Mr. Blair had toward life in general.He is one who probably has the right to be bitter about his child hood experience but, he enjoys life and celebrates life to its fullest extent today. He is definitely a help and a motivation to all students. He makes them very aware of what child abuse is and gives them an idea of it’s prevalence in today’s society. If we have an opportunity in the future we would gladly have him back.He is an excellent resource to talk to students as well as adults on the topic of child abuse.”


Pastor in Western Ontario

“What I love about your ministry is it’s foundational thrust into the community.”

Pastor in Eastern Ontario

“We really thank God for you and your ministry.There has never been a time when our nation needed you more than now.Promise me that you will never stop pouring out. There are so many lives across our nation who probably would have committed suicide if it was not for you and your ministry.”

Pastor in Nova Scotia

“Maury, thank you for ministering to our students and church congregation. Only eternity will tell how many silent victims you really ministered to and The changed lives that were a result.”


To have Maury come to your school or church, e-mail him directly.