Dysfunctional Homes Produce Dysfunctional People!

I was one of them for all of my early teen age years, depressed, lonely, suicidal, violent and feeling so alone. It is so true, we effect our children as they grow up in our homes and learn from us.

Us boys were driven together by the angry attitudes the old man displayed on a daily basis, we began to follow in his footsteps, and treat people in unkind ways. I remember falling in love with a little girl named Vanda when I was in grade 2. We got along real well and we would hold hands walking up the street, and I would kiss her behind a tree and thought it was really cool.

Because we were driven together as brothers, we stuck up for each other and when someone picked on a younger brother all of us would go after him or them with a vengeance. I will never forget the day that one of my younger brothers came running down the street crying, I ran over to him and asked what had happened.

He told me that my girlfriend Vanda had punched him in the nose and my response was violent, I tore up the street to her house in a rage, and there she was raking the grass in front of her home.

I snarled at her and said, “did you punch my little brother in the mouth?” “yes, and if he ever bugs me again I will punch him in the mouth again.” My response was outrageous and very threatening, “ if you ever punch my brother in the mouth again, I will bash your face in.” She was shocked and held up the rake with fear in her eyes and said,” you come one step closer and I will hit you over the head with this rake.” I lost it and said, “you haven’t got the guts!”

To my amazement she picked up the rake and hammered me in the head, I hit the ground and blood started pouring out of my head, she ran into her house and I got up and staggered down to my house with blood gushing out of my head. It took several stitches in my head to stop the bleeding, and some time for it all to heal. That ended my relationship with that little girl named Vanda.

All I had to do was tell her that if my brother ever bugged her again to let me know and I would keep him off her back, but I was acting out like my stepfather and threatened her life.

Mom and Dads, we are leaving a legacy and we need to be concerned what we are teaching our children when things aren’t going the way we want them to.

God help us to surrender to His love and walk in His ways and share that love with our children.