About Us

What is BreakthroughNET?

Maury and Bev Blair

Maury and his wife Bev Blair

First off, we want you to know who we are and why we’re here.

BreakthroughNET is a service of Breakthrough Ministries dedicated entirely to helping victims of abuse become survivors rather than statistics.

Breakthrough Ministries was founded and is directed by Maury Blair,  who himself being a survivor of horrible childhood abuse, has dedicated his life to sharing his story of how he overcame his tragic past to become an inspiration to other victims around the world.

Frustrated with the lack of support for the teens that he deals with in high schools around the world, he set out to start a service which through the far-reaching power of the internet could provide support, advice or just a listening ear to abuse victims.

1625478_526844607460601_3651613744241920959_nIf you, or someone you know is suffering abuse, we encourage you to email Maury at btmaury@sentex.ca and get plugged-in to the vast network of support resources that has been put in place to help turn tragedy into triumph.

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What is the logo all about?

Our mission at BreakthroughNET is to help turn tragedy into triumph. Most of the close contact with victims of abuse will occur through e-mail. Because of this, we wanted a logo that could be typed into an e-mail message as a reminder of the purpose of BreakthroughNET.

Internet users are very familiar with a smiley :-). We have used them here to represent someone suffering through the tragedy of abuse becoming a triumphant survivor.